Restoration & Conservation 2012-2018

Margravian Opera House Bayreuth

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One of Europe’s great Baroque theatres, the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth, is undergoing structural conservation and restoration in a project that started in 2012 and will probably last until 2018. Damage to the building’s valuable substance, as well as obsolete technology and design in the side rooms required in the 1960s, make careful conservation and restoration urgently necessary.

In its scale and quality, the Margravial Opera House is an extremely rare example of theatre architecture and decoration still surviving from the mid-18th century. Princess Wilhelmine of Bayreuth, sister of Frederick the Great of Prussia, commissioned Guiseppe Galli Bibiena – the most famous theatre designer of the period – to design the building.

The Bavarian Palaces Department and the State Department of Planning and Building Control are aiming to provide the public with information about the extensive architectural and restoration project in various forms. Panels providing illustrations and text will be presented in the vestibule of the Opera House (which is not initially affected by the work) and a fully illustrated leaflet will be produced. In addition, this web site will also be reporting on current plans and measures that are being implemented.

Current Announcements